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Al-Ghuraifi Calls on Bahrain's Sunni and Shia Scholars to Issue Statement Expressing Unity

2023-11-28 - 8:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: Sayed Abdullah Al-Ghuraifi called for issuing a unified statement by Bahraini scholars from the two noble sects "that expresses the unity of this country and the unity of this people and the unity of the scholars of this country," stressing that "this statement sends a great message to all bettors on differences, ruptures and conflicts."

Al-Ghuraifi expressed in his Friday sermon delivered at the Imam Al-Sadiq Mosque in Al-Gufoul: "If a tragedy of the magnitude of that taking place in Gaza does not unite us, if the blood of children does not unite us, if the blood of women does not unite us, if the cries of the wounded do not unite us, if the calls of the prisoners do not unite us, if the crimes of oppression, murder and all the acts of oppression and injustice practiced by the criminal Zionists don't unite us, then what shall unite us?" He stressed that these crimes are supported by all the puppets of death, extermination and destruction of major powers that have joined forces and united in order to exterminate an oppressed people who are only defending their dignity, pride and honor, and every inch of the land.

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