Execution of Sultan and Thamer: We'll only kneel to God

2023-05-30 - 7:34 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): People of Bahrain woke up to a new tragedy added to the many tragedies of a people who are sacrificing their sons' blood and souls for the sake of freedom and dignity.

They heard the news that their sons Jaafar Sultan and Sadiq Thamer, who were arrested and detained in Saudi Arabia, were martyred at the hands of two political regimes that agree on the idea of murder.

The youths were martyred in a crime carried out by the Saudi regime, which doesn't lean towards moderation, and has never abandoned its takfiri ideology and basing its legitimacy on the sword.

The people declared that they're mourning, and they wept with the residents of Dar Kulaib and condoled the families of the two martyrs. They shed tears, and then recalled that: There is no might and no power except by Allah.

The life of captivity and torment of the two young men, whom the mosques and husseiniyas of their village missed dearly eight years ago, ended and then the life of the martyrs began anew, there in the hereafter, in the abode of truth with a mighty king.

They left and their blood remained a heavy shackle burdening the necks of Al Saud and the Bahraini regime, which is complicit and even calls for the killing of the sons of Awal. Isn't it the one who summoned the aid of the Peninsula Shield forces to come and shed blood?

However, despite the bloodshed, sadness, tears, and mourning, demonstrations were staged to reiterate a firm stance: Bahrain and its people are patient, steadfast, and have faith in their destiny and victory.

Demonstrators chanted slogans: We will only kneel to God. A chant that says even if we are left alone in the face of the sword, we will remain steadfast and patient until achieving dignity.

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