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House of Representatives Approves Bill Binding Non-Bahrainis to Renew Their Driving Licenses Every 2 Years with Residency Permits

2018-04-04 - 9:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: The House of Representatives approved in its session a bill compelling non-Bahraini drivers to renew their driving licenses every two years, similarly to their residency permits.

MP Jalal Kadhim, one of the MPs who submitted the bill, said that the validity of driving licenses of expats must be linked with the 2-year period granted in their residency permits. "This will contribute to the revenues of the state," he added.

MP Ali Bufarsen expressed his rejection to the bill, saying that imposing any additional fees on expats will backfire on citizens, because most of the expats work for Bahraini companies.

MP Abdulhameed Al-Najjar rejected the bill, stating that the bill discriminates between citizens and residents and stressed that it's against the policies of the Kingdom to attract everyone.

On the other hand, MP Ghazi Al Rahma stressed on the significance of the bill that would have positive impacts on state's revenues and won't affect Bahrainis.

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